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The Eagles are back in North Fort Myers, Florida

Since several years Ozzie and Harriet is an Eagle Couple coming to SW Florida to bring up their young. They are back for this years season and we all can watch them live right here:


When a Foreign National sells property in the US


There are quiet a few "rumors" floating around all over the internet.


What is Cape Coral like

Cape Coral is a City in SW Florida, devided from Fort Myers by the Caloosha Hatchee River. Cape Coral has more than 400 Miles of fresh water and salt water canals - which is more than Venice, Italy.


Green Building in SW Florida

When I came to Florida I was wondering why nobody is using the sun which is here so plenty, we have "solar" Pool Heaters but other than that there is not a lot we are using the sun for. We also have Wind and Water as a natural resource for energy for our homes and our needs.


What is North Fort Myers like?

North Fort Myers is a rural Community (not a City) in SW Florida. You will find mobil homes, mobil home parks but also multi million dollar properties and homes on large acerage.

Here are some impressions:



Right time to buy/sell - next housing bubble?

well Trulia, one of the leading Real Estate Web Sites says, a new housing bubble is far away and homes in most areas - including Florida - are still undervalued.



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