Green Building in SW Florida

When I came to Florida I was wondering why nobody is using the sun which is here so plenty, we have "solar" Pool Heaters but other than that there is not a lot we are using the sun for. We also have Wind and Water as a natural resource for energy for our homes and our needs.

A few month ago I went thru Training with the National Association of Realtors in regards of sustainability and green building. I received my certification and learned a lot.

I am not a "tree hugger" but I think every single one of us can do just a little bit to protect the environment and a nice site effect is also, it is better for our health in  to live in a "green" building and it saves us energy costs. 

After I was done with my "green building and sustainability" Training I went to search for a "green builder" who has experience with this kind of building. I was looking for somebody who can do more than heating the water for pool and home with solar mats on the roof.

And I found this architect/builder: who comes from Vienna, Austria and moved with his family to SW Florida about 1 year ago. He build "green" homes  very successfully in Austria and will be building green homes in our area as well. He just remodeled the home he lives in in Cape Coral using all green features and he is remodeling another older existing home in Orlando, Florida. He can build brand new "green homes" or remodel existing homes to make them a little more "green" and more energy efficient.


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